Dealing with Picky Eaters

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Be patient! One more time, Be patient!

When introducing new foods, do it slowly. If the kid is receiving any professional attention most likely, you know about desensitization. Try with foods that are close to something your kid already likes.

  1. Place the new food next to a food that your child already likes. Start by using a separate plate for the new food. Put no pressure on the child to eat the new food. Continue for several meals if necessary. If no success, then:
  2. Present the new food on your child’s plate. Again, place no pressure on your child to try the new food. Continue for several meals. If no success, then:
  3. Have your family enjoy the new food in front of the picky eater. Adults need to show that they also enjoy the new food.

Use the storyteller approach. After the Second World War, millions of children worldwide were exposed to Popeye and his spinach. It is reported that kids increased their consumption of spinach because this association. Do something similar. Create a story based on your kid’s favorite character where he or she starts to eat the new food and how much the new character enjoys that and maybe the new super powers. Let your kid decide if he or she wants to be the next one trying the new food.

Never hide new foods in a food your kid likes. Picky eaters very often have the taste and smell senses very developed. They may detect the new food and that can be enough to make the kid stop eating a food he or she already likes it and become very suspicious about new foods, even containers.

As an adult, never display negative facial or verbal expressions towards food, especially in front of children. Children actions very often are based on what they see adults doing than in what they are told. Be open yourself to new foods and try them.

You can use one of our products, NutriCards. By showing your children that the new food is fun, that other children around the world are eating the same food and that the new food has attached a reward, children may  motivate to try this new food as part of the adventure.

Finally, never force a child to try a new food! By doing that, you are adding to the new food an unpleasant label that may stay permanently.

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