Kosher Is A Hit, Hot-Dogs At Wrigley and Cheese Scores At Home

If you buy kosher foods because you are interested in healthy and safer foods for you and your family or observe a kosher diet, you know that the certified offerings are limited. As a social entrepreneur wanting to make kosher nutrition mainstream through NutriChildren, I get excited when I find kosher foods recently making the news.

Sophie Aroestry from The Tablet, the influential daily online Jewish magazine, reported on Another Century-Long Wait Is Over for the Chicago Cubs: Wringley Field is Getting Kosher Food”  that kosher sausages and pretzels will be available at the Wrigley Field after June 21st. The tenacious Sam Mashiach, managing partner at Danziger Kosher achieved this home run by convincing the Cubs executives that Kosher was the way to go. Those kosher hot-dogs will become the favorite for baseball fans looking for a tastier and healthier option to standard fare at the Cubs’ park. Other 13 fields in the US offer kosher foods.

Kosher is a hit, Hot-dogs at Wrigley & Cheese scores at home

Kosher cheese scores at home with the increase of large-scale kosher production done by mainstream cheese producers in addition to artisanal operations such as The Cheese Guy and Beecher’s from Seattle. Ben Hartman informed this on “Here’s why some America’s top cheese brands are now going kosher”  from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, an international Jewish news agency. The main reasons for the kosher cheese production increase are the development of technologies that allow to comply with Kosher requirements and a growing market. Commercial kosher cheese produced by Polly-O – a Kraft company -, and Lake Country Diary – a Schuman cheese subsidiary – has been in the market for over a decade. New cheese producers are entering into the market because they see their competitors succeeding with it, as indicated by Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer from OU Kosher, “There’s science behind it, but it’s an art.”

When eating with your children any of these kosher foods, check this out,

  • Eat kosher certified – Certified kosher foods are a guarantee of full kosher compliance. Very soon your children will learn how to recognize kosher certification symbols.
  • Avoid sausages + cheese – Don’t mix sausages and cheese, even if both are kosher certified or your children scream for them.
  • Tastier food – Both kosher cheese and sausages are considered tastier and safer. Your children will have a more enjoyable meal.

A kosher diet allows your children and you to have a healthier lifer!

Aura Stewart is the Happy Tummy Chief Officer at Nutripromise. Aura is a social entrepreneur working to improve child nutrition by using the Kosher Nutritional System as the foundation for her work. Feel free to contact Aura at LinkedIn. If you want to see more about what we doing, please see our website

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