Kosher is a hit, Hot-dogs at Wrigley & Cheese scores at home

Kosher Is A Hit, Hot-Dogs At Wrigley and Cheese Scores At Home

If you buy kosher foods because you are interested in healthy and safer foods for you and your family or observe a kosher diet, you know that the certified offerings are limited. As a social entrepreneur wanting to make kosher nutrition mainstream through NutriChildren, I get excited when I find kosher foods recently making the […]

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When I was a kid, they called me fatty

Your Children Deserve Better – 2

80% of American obese teens become obese adults. Parents are responsible for providing children with appropriate nourishment and the basis for a healthy life. Health includes not only adequate physical well being but also the stable foundation needed for well balanced personal development. Many of us were mistreated when young because of our weight. Very often, […]

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NutriChildren Fruit Word Search

Fruit Word Search

Children of all ages can find the names of 26 fruits on our Fruit Word Search puzzle. We will publish the solution to this fun activity next week. Remember, Download the Fruit Word Search puzzle pdf file here.

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Picky eater nutrichildren

Dealing with Picky Eaters

Be patient! One more time, Be patient! When introducing new foods, do it slowly. If the kid is receiving any professional attention most likely, you know about desensitization. Try with foods that are close to something your kid already likes. Place the new food next to a food that your child already likes. Start by […]

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Buy NutriCards Kosher

NutriCards Kosher is a Reality!

Two+ years of development. Two graphic designers. One inspirational photographer. Two Rabbis. A myriad of generous food photographers from around the world. One superb printing company in the US. Some brilliant mothers who tested the game. Some special needs children who approved the game. Some extraordinary children who use the game on a regular basis. […]

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